The Radiant Chamber

200 x 300Egypt 1570 BC

Scrolls describe a squirreling away of special temple objects for safety before a war. Mystifying directions for the hiding place were written with an incomprehensible code (by a mage) but after some feverish media coverage, the challenge is on to crack it.

Bear in mind that mage is the root for magic, image and imagination (the consummator) so, not so easy.

What is this temple treasure? Lots of wild ideas but the popular view is magical objects.

Julia, who is an emerging artist, wasn’t interested at first. Too many other things on her mind but then she inherits an heirloom with a bizarre connection. When she meets Joe, an archaeologist working in the British Museum, this cauldron of circumstances begins to bubble.

A fascinating journey into the inexplicable, on the trail of a distant mystery.

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Garth Meaney explains what inspired this novel:

Two things: The first was an interest in a particular moment in Egypt’s history when they were defeated and occupied by a foreign force, the Hyksos. The second was to consider what the priesthood would likely do about the safety of holy objects before they marched in.

I’m guessing but we can safely assume that they hid them away somewhere safe and sealed them up!

The Hyksos ruled from Memphis for 50 years before they were thrown out again. Nearly two generations in those days – time enough to forget but a record would have been kept somewhere. This book is my idea of what happened.

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By Cat Jones TOP 500 REVIEWER on July 1, 2015

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Egyptian archaeology has intrigued me since my grandmother took me to the National Gallery of Art in D.C. in 1976 to see the collection of treasures from King Tut’s tomb. For every secret we uncover about the ancient Egyptians, it seems we raise an additional ten questions about who they were and how they lived. Garth Meaney’s novel “The Radiant Chamber” takes advantage of the exotic and mysterious culture and delivers a creative and gripping novel that fires the imagination.

Artist Julia Stride and archaeologist Joe Colby take you on a journey of non-stop mystery and adventure that involves ancient artifacts, robberies, and astral planes. Along the way they kindle a romance that adds a bit of spice to the story. Throughout the story Meaney weaves in historical tidbits about the ancient Egyptians that added authenticity and interest, such as why Osiris is missing a certain body part and how Isis used her magic to make him a very fancy new one. Nice! This is a story you’ll want to spend a little time with so you don’t get left behind, because there’s a lot going on and many twists to keep you guessing.

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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I downloaded The Radiant Chamber on a bit of a whim as I didn’t fully know what to expect but I have to say I am really grateful that I did. The story is very well put together with just the right amount of fantasy, history, adventure, and thrill that had me glued to this book until the very end. All of the characters, my favorite probably being Julia of course, are all unique and vividly described as you go through the story. This was actually the very first book I’ve ever written by Garth Meaney but I have to say after going through this I am curious to see what else is in store.