Sir Oddly, Spikey the Girl-Fish, Gruesome Child

Day #4 of the Writing 201 Poetry course

Limericks based on a theme of Difference x 3

#1 – Sir Oddly

one eye too many forked tongue

walk like I’m stepping up rungs

I do have two kidneys

one lung and two feet

I’m handsome and liked by the ladies

#2 – Spikey the Hake

I’m a fish with no spines in a shoal

so it’s tricky for me to blend in

they see that I’m different

don’t leave me no bones

I’m lonely and spineless, no sistas

#3 – Gruesome Child

have you seen war dad, he had

have you seen bullets go by

I have son I have

(and a tear did flow)

bodies and bits in the sky


play station games re-enacted

the boy had a gleam in his eye

was there blood dad and gristle

bones flying high

don’t ask me again, it gives me a pain

join up and give it a try

About garth

I'm an indie author ardently writing fiction and you’ll notice a leaning towards Egypt. The book in the cooker right now is called The River Through. Hatsepsut features strong as an ancient enigma bringing her people back to pure after a sullying occupation by the Hyksos. I like these desert ancestors who dragged great chunks of stone for miles to build runways for god. Religion was a major preoccupation always. Magic was mixed in, sometimes called miracles. Christian and Hebrew testaments carried it over. Egyptians weren’t bothered with a history list based on sequential record keeping so there are numerous and bewildering gaps. A definite plus for the fiction writer. (Colouring in the spaces.) Bio: I am very tall and many people call me a freak (and laugh) so a slight chip on the shoulder but thick skinned - not impervious. Lots of short people out there who aren’t pleased to be little too. Given the choice, I’d keep length. Upbringing I am thankful because, during my life I have found many people who weren't so blessed so thanks mum and dad for pulling me out of the lucky dip. Two sisters and a brother, all of them cleverer than me or so they think. A wife who loves me - thanks Gill xxxx Two daughters, a yoga teacher and a nurse who don't quite hate me but we are moving in that direction as I tread heavier with advice. Lovely grandchildren who will develop into super beings if they maintain the current progress. A cat called Squeezely who has finally learned to evacuate his bowels outside. Buster the darling dog with a sensitive way and an over-exuberance for affection but we all let him take us down for licking. He's big. Occupation: Education first: Good military school that chased out the bad in me I can tell you. No-one put a polish on a boot better but it was enjoyable in retrospect. Not at the time though. Art college next and enlightenment - the world was a better place afterwards. Self employed antique furniture and restoration - very enjoyable and fulfilling but not overflowing financially. We did okay and we prospered.
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5 Responses to Sir Oddly, Spikey the Girl-Fish, Gruesome Child

  1. oddly says it all

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  2. nimitode says:

    I like this 👌
    (Have you any interest in travel, check my travel blog)

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  3. Vibrant says:

    Very beautiful poems. The last one touched me 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. I have shared it on the social media!

    LOve and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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