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Like a Falling Stone

  before me slides the sky like a veil’s passing between the dark illumined jewels soft in the velvet void hidden by the light of the sun |||  weightlessness descending  density suspended up ended revolving in its dizzy space  ||| … Continue reading

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Give Me Vision

after the tide receded he sometimes took my hand to lead me to the wet shore where the stranded sea-life lay too late to escape with the sea but hidden – o – I was small and he was old … Continue reading

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Spinning Gene Pools

In nature’s mould in seething seas in orbits set by fine degrees describing circles wide and high Its course through black eternal sky a measurement of prophesies ||| With effortless revolving ease  the fulcrum spins with energies to fabricate and … Continue reading

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Meanings Lost in Time #6

Two meanings this week #1 – Hands Down (as in ‘I won hands down.’) There is a good chance that this saying traveled to India with the imposition of the British Raj and their love of horse racing. Or maybe … Continue reading

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Sir Oddly, Spikey the Girl-Fish, Gruesome Child

Day #4 of the Writing 201 Poetry course Limericks based on a theme of Difference x 3 #1 – Sir Oddly one eye too many forked tongue walk like I’m stepping up rungs I do have two kidneys one lung … Continue reading

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Sun Sets on the Lake

Day#3 of the Poetry course Subject: skin, written using free verse An Elegy sun sets on the lake pour the red gold on to the polished skin of the bright mirror send it to the moon with my shadow set … Continue reading

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The Siren is Gillian

Day #2 of the WordPress Blogging 201: Poetry course Assignment: An acrostic poem. This is an old form used mostly as a love poem where the first letter of each line spells a word. An addition to this was a … Continue reading

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Haiku #1

Poetry course Prompt – Screen view we like all-a-the-time red black blue embed combination sub set size format captivate

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Heaven or Hell

A Shinto Temple somewhere in Japan A troubled samurai warrior stumbled out of the forest one day and walked up the steps of the temple to fall to his knees before the wise sage. ‘I humbly seek your help. I … Continue reading

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Meanings Lost in Time #5

Freelance A term used to describe an individual offering their skills or services on their own behalf. The business world uses the English language as its vehicle for cross continental communications so most people are familiar with this title but … Continue reading

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