Research on the only female Egyptian pharaoh

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For twenty years, despite opposition from the priesthood, Hat-Sep-Sut ascended to the throne as pharaoh to bring Egypt into a new golden age. Her name means Foremost of Noble Women and she somehow convinced the royal court that her right to rule was justified by her bloodine, more pure than the preferred male, her stepson, Thutmose III, age 10.

Records are misty (C1500 BC) so it’s impossible to gauge the political intrigues of the time so creative imagination has played a part in this historical account. When her husband Thutmose II died we can imagine that a lot of determination was required for a woman to assume power so she probably started out as Queen Regent. An established tradition from antiquity, acting on behalf of the boy successor until he was old enough to take the reins himself.

So supreme power would have been hers by right for a few years anyway, but somehow she became the Queen Pharaoh while the boy didn’t get a look in until she died, 20 years later.

He made up for lost time by becoming (the so called) Napoleon of ancient Egypt who expanded the borders and the treasury during a spectacular reign. My assumption for his lack of ambition is that he was more interested in soldiering than holding court in Karnak. Hatsepsut may have encouraged this and if they had a loving mother/son relationship, it could have suited them both.

But the story is about her and how she outmanoeuvred some powerful men using wile and a creative approach to the re-organization of a disrupted Egypt still reeling from an occupation by a foreign power.

Egypt was undeniably unified and mighty again afterwards, due to her unique rulership. She was famously proud of an expedition across the sea (Somalia region maybe – far, far away in those days) to bring back wonderful things from the land of Punt.

A RIVER THROUGH is a work of fiction in progress, built around these facts. You can read an except here


About garth

I'm an indie author ardently writing fiction and you’ll notice a leaning towards Egypt. The book in the cooker right now is called The River Through. Hatsepsut features strong as an ancient enigma bringing her people back to pure after a sullying occupation by the Hyksos. I like these desert ancestors who dragged great chunks of stone for miles to build runways for god. Religion was a major preoccupation always. Magic was mixed in, sometimes called miracles. Christian and Hebrew testaments carried it over. Egyptians weren’t bothered with a history list based on sequential record keeping so there are numerous and bewildering gaps. A definite plus for the fiction writer. (Colouring in the spaces.) Bio: I am very tall and many people call me a freak (and laugh) so a slight chip on the shoulder but thick skinned - not impervious. Lots of short people out there who aren’t pleased to be little too. Given the choice, I’d keep length. Upbringing I am thankful because, during my life I have found many people who weren't so blessed so thanks mum and dad for pulling me out of the lucky dip. Two sisters and a brother, all of them cleverer than me or so they think. A wife who loves me - thanks Gill xxxx Two daughters, a yoga teacher and a nurse who don't quite hate me but we are moving in that direction as I tread heavier with advice. Lovely grandchildren who will develop into super beings if they maintain the current progress. A cat called Squeezely who has finally learned to evacuate his bowels outside. Buster the darling dog with a sensitive way and an over-exuberance for affection but we all let him take us down for licking. He's big. Occupation: Education first: Good military school that chased out the bad in me I can tell you. No-one put a polish on a boot better but it was enjoyable in retrospect. Not at the time though. Art college next and enlightenment - the world was a better place afterwards. Self employed antique furniture and restoration - very enjoyable and fulfilling but not overflowing financially. We did okay and we prospered.
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  1. Srinath TK says:

    Women have always been great rulers and strategists… But many are ignored or even forgotten in the anals of history since men are glorified predominantly. Garth.. You have brought to light aa unsung queen… Great!!!

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